Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summit Push

Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

This is Mara writing, Jagged Globe base camp manager. Just a quick couple lines to let you know about the last 24 hours up here on Everest. Martin & co left the South Col for the summit push last night just after 9pm. I'll leave him to fill you in on the details of what was definitely an epic climb, but for now, just know that he's back safely at high camp.

Making good time through the early morning hours Martin got all the way up beyond the Balcony, the South Summit, and just beneath the Hilary Step when we got word down here at base camp that he'd lost vision, a hypoxia induced event. Needless to say the decision was made to descend immediately. It was an intense few hours as he descended with the assistance of Pasang, Tshering Pemba, and David. Thankfully, by the time they dropped down to 8000 meters he regained function and now reports that he's fully recovered and resting for the night with the rest of the team at the Col.

I'll leave the details for Martin to fill in himself on his return down here in two days' time, but he wants me to be sure and let you know that everything is well and he thanks you all for all your support.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're OK. Mind how you go on the way back.

Angela said...

Hey Martin,
I've been following your blog for a few months now and want to say what a truly awesome effort - inspirational! Your family and friends should be proud.
Take care & stay safe,

PS Not to make your day bad but... the Gers lost the league with a shabby 2-0 defeat at Aberdeen! Shockeroony :-)

Mum said...

You must feel bitter disappointment at being cheated of your ultimate goal so near the summit, but success isn't just about the final result - it is about hard work and achievement along the way and you have attained that success by your fantastic achievement in getting so far. We are all so proud of you and can't wait to hear about your experience
first- hand. Hope you will still be able to participate in the footie match with Nepali army as that will be a great way to end your expedition. Take care - we are looking forward to seeing you in June, Mum xx

Colin T said...

Alrite Marty

Im sure your really disappointed dude but your achievement has been amazing , Lhotse Face , The Balcony and South Summit. Cant wait to hear about it. Its just awesome man. What an Inspiration it has been to me just ready the blog.
I will have the Du Pape ready.

Quite Nice!!!

Jane Stewart said...


The summit is only the wee bit at the top you still climbed all the rest of the mountain how many people can say that - what an achievement!
Glad to hear your vision has recovered.
Hope you're not the goalie in your footie match with the army boys!!

Take care & see you soon
Bis sis

Anonymous said...

I know you must be gutted not to get to the top Martin, but like your mum said, you have achieved so much throughout your whole Everest experience and I'm sure you will have some truly amazing memories and stories to tell.

I'm so glad to hear that you are safe and that your vision has returned...big hugs to you, I'm extremely proud of you. Have a safe journey back home. I bet you are looking forward to a Big Mac, a well deserved beer and a long, hot soak in the bath!

You take it easy,
Lots of love Nat

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say, I'm gutted for you. Sounds like it's the Cho Oyu problem but magnified but as we all know it's about the return trip and as hard and frustrating as it is you've made the right decision, not only for yourself but for all those around you ( both on the mt and back home). I wish you a safe trip back down and trust that once the obvious disapointment has subsided you'll be able to look back on the last few months as a truly amazing period - you gave it a go, that in itself is more than most.

dave casey said...

I am so sorry. you must be so disappointed. But i have to reiterate the coments before me in saying that you have achieved huge success in your attempt and for that you should feel immensely proud.
Everyone is exceptionally impressed by you and admire you - the correct decision you made must have been so very difficult being so close.
I take my hat off to you 'big man' - setting out to realise a dream is something that few can claim to have done - you are a true winner matey, don't ever forget that!
I cannot wait to hear all about your adventure upon your return and you never know, a stellar performance in the footie game may result in a wee call up!!
Again, well done mate.