Saturday, May 3, 2008

Everest 2008- Day 43!


Most teams have retreated down the valley in search of a more comfortable oxygen rich environment, but we have decided to stay here in what has become a very snowy Basecamp. Our hope is that things conclude elsewhere on the mountain in the next couple of days and we are in a position to get an early push up to Camp 3 to finish our acclimatisation.

We managed to freshen up our DVD collection with an exchange of films with the lads from the Adventure Peaks team. This has gone some way to relieve the boredom that is rapidly setting in around here. It is now 43 days since I left the UK, this amount of time saw me summit Cho Oyu and be back in sunny Kathmandu on my last expedition. Everest, especially from the South is a very long expedition and staying focused, with all this downtime, can be difficult at times so thanks for your comments they have been excellent for morale. On a plus point, after all the years of planning and waiting for this expedition, we hope to only have 3 weeks left on the nearly there.

I can't believe of all the years to come here that my team, Glasgow Rangers, gets into the UEFA cup final, and I am going to miss the final down in Manchester. Can someone from home, who hasn't switched to Sky +, record the game (DVD/VHS) for me, I will be truly thankful. Staying on the football theme, myself and Ian Taylor (Fellow Team Member) are trying to assemble a team to play the Nepali army back in Kathmandu on our return. Major Rana, our Liaison Officer and top scorer for the army, has assembled the Nepali team and it looks like it could be and entertaining conclusion to our expedition. That said playing the Nepalese in their own back yard at 3000ft above sea level might not be the most sensible idea but will be fun all the same.



Colin T said...

Hey Dude

Sounds like its all going well , Not long till the Lhotse Face. Just like Broad eh? haha

All the best yet again man.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't know what Sky + is, I'm assuming I don't have it and will record game for you! I will put Post- Its in every conceivable place to remind me - I promise! Hope you get to proceed with the last part of your expedition soon. We are all following your progress - even Holly, who now has two caterpillars called Jack and Craig to look after! Take care, Mum x

Chris said...

Hey There McFly

Don't you worry about missing the UEFA cup final - if the semi is any thing to go by you'd be better coming up to watch the HNA 11-a-side matches that now take place at the end of each month. Much more entertaining than the RFC 7-3-0 formation. I have a copy of Celtic in Seville so if you're still pining for UEFA action when you get back I'll sort you out.


PS the mighty Gers are crumbling under intense pressure - the quads still on but its not over yet. C'mon the hoops.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

Glad you're still up there because I've made no progress in beating you in the poker league. I'm guessing the Olympic torch must be heading up there soon, so that'll be a pretty unique experience for you all! Why do you want to record the UEFA cup final mate? -it's no Champions League. Although the best football is normally played in Manchester, I think that Moscow has the honours this month. I'm sure you'll be cheering United on with me.

All the best, fingers crossed that the weather picks up soon


Ange said...

Hey Martin
I stumbled across your blog via the Jagged Globe website and admire the driveand guts to reach the summit! I myself am planning my first (ever) trek to Everest Base Camp in March next year so i'm following your progress and blog with great interest. (I think i'm most scared of the flight into and out of Lukla!!).
Anyway, GOOD LUCK with the rest of your journey,
Take Care,

PS i agree with a previous comment, the Gers are crumbling under the great pressure that is the SPL title race - current score: 0-0 with Motherwell in the mid-week game! Tense! Scratch that, it's now 1-0 Ferguson scored.

dave casey said...

Its getting closer matey. Not long till you'll be 'cracking open a stubbie' on the summitt!
I am very excited at the prospect of seeing you on the History Ch.
Big game for you this week - although the gers better lift their game to win this one, uless they again hold out for penalties!! highlight will be Fernando Rickson biting someone's ear off mid tackle!!
Title going down to the wire - i'll be praying for the Dons taking a point off you on the final day.
We have our own top of the table clash this weekend with a win assuring that we go clear at the top - i am actually starting to believe that we can win this league.
Hope the last week has seen you aclimatising well and in good spirits.
We have still have our fingers tightly crossed for you as well as the ever growing group of onlookers from 'down under' - good luck buddy