Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everest 2008- Golf @ 17000ft!!

A few of the team decided to stay up here in Basecamp until the summit push, and this gave us the opportunity to compete against Mark Tucker from International Mountain Guides (IMG) in the Khumbu Classic Golf Competition. Played on the edge of the Icefall with only a 3 and 9 iron, I guess it is probably the highest "course" in the world and definitely the trickiest. After a brief explanation of the course rules, which let's just say were unique!, we set off in a stroke play format under the glare of the History Channel Camera's. The game came down to the last hole, the par 5 "White Monster", with Jagged Globe's Ian Taylor and Tucker tied at level par. Two good drives off the Ice block made it difficult to split the pair until Tucker sliced his second into the rough, well when I say rough I mean a crevasse really!. Having to take a drop shot Tucker finished with a 6, which allowed Taylor's par 5 to bring him the title. Thanks to Mark for a real fun day out on the "course".

Anyway back on the climbing news, we have a proposed schedule for our summit bid, which of course is very dependent on the weather and getting logistics in place. Here it is;
19th May- Basecamp - Camp 2
20th May- Rest Camp 2
21st May- Camp 2- Camp 3
22nd May- Camp 3- Camp 4
22nd May/23rd May- Camp 4 -Summit-Camp 4 (Climb through night)
24th May - Camp 4 - Camp 2
25th May - Camp 2 - Basecamp

As I said this is all very provisional at this stage and so I will confirm nearer the time. Other than that all's good here.



Anonymous said...

Nice shoulder turn Marti but don't give up your day job!!



dave casey said...

Hey dude,

I thought there was a 'country club' there!!
Not long now by the sounds of things. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine for you.
So sorry about your team!
We are top of our league on goal difference with a hard away game tonight against 3rd spot (1 point behind us).
Enjoy the the lead up days and try to relax a bit more. Everyone in the office here is rooting for you.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

You can tell that David Casey down in Oz that he will have to revise his opinion of my technology skills, as I have recorded the game perfectly! Anyway there was never any chance of you coming back to Coronation Street - it would have been Desperate Housewives which I am sure you would have enjoyed as much as the footie!!
Who would have thought you'd have time to fit in a round of golf on your way up Everest - it was bizarre enough on 'Lost'!
I hope the weather provides a suitable window for your summit bid when you need it, and I wish you all the best for the final stage of your amazing journey. Take care, Mum x