Friday, May 16, 2008

Everest 2008- It's Go Time

Just a quick dispatch to let you know that we head off on our summit bid tomorrow night ( actually 2 am on the 19th). The Sherpas have been working tiredlesly, stocking up Camp 4 and it's just about ready for us. The schedule detailed in the previous dispatch still applies at this time. Unfortunately I will be out of contact until I arrive back in basecamp next Sunday, so I have asked our basecamp Manager, Mara, to post a dispatch, for me with details of how it all pans out. Thanks for all the support this far and it's now time to sharpen the focus for the next 7 days.

Best Wishes and Speak soon



Anonymous said...

Best of luck Martin, do Scotland proud - even us English boys are shouting for you

Anonymous said...

All the best for the final stage.Hope you manage to realise your dream. We are all proud of what you have achieved this far, anyway. May all the gods go with you. Namaste, Mum x

Anonymous said...

Way to go Marti


Angie said...

Good Luck!

Jane Stewart said...

Feels like we been climbing every step with you,great to hear you're nearly there. Holly has been showing Kieran where Mount Everest is on her wee atlas but in her version penguins live there! John was down in Manchester for the Rangers game, he'll tell you all about it when you get back. We'll all be thinking about you over the next few days. Take care and see you soon.
Big Sis X

Linda & Craig McFarlane said...

Hey Marty,

Best of luck for the summit!
Take Care
Linda & Craig

dave casey said...

Good Luck Marty-
remember to hold on!!
Can't wait to hear all about when you get back.
All the best


Anonymous said...

Best wishes over the coming days!
Mike Pigott (Wylfa)

Alyson R-S said...

AAAAWWWRRRAA very best Martin! if anyone can do it you can!!!
loads of luck xxxx Alyson

Anonymous said...

All the best big man !
Graeme, Isabel, Millie & Carla

Chris said...

Hey there McFly

Best of Luck on your summit bid. Time to forget about the football and get your chakra honed.

In the past a have shaken hands with some famous people: Darrwen Jackson, Alan Stubbs (Everton Legend)and David Scott, the NASA astronaut who has walked on the moon. I look forward to your return so I can add 'a man that has stood on the top of the world' to that list.

Head down, arse up.


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck Martin, we are all thinking of you. You summit on Isabel's birthday so hope there's a postbox up there somewhere :-)

Take care and see you in June.

Carolyn x

Anonymous said...

Wow this is it!! I've said a wee prayer to The Pad Man to keep an eye on you up there. He would have been really proud of am I.

Lovin your work :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck Martin

Anonymous said...

I guess by the time you read this, you'll be back.

But I wanted to also let you know, that like Chris, I have also shook the hands of many a legend.

Gordon Marshall
Freddie Dindeleux
William Smaton Downie
and Gerry Breen

I look forward to offering you on your return, a Laurel................and Hardy handshake.

Good luck big chap.


Linda & Craig McFarlane said...
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Linda & Craig McFarlane said...

Hey Marty,
How's life on the top of the world? Best of Luck! I'm sure a big plate of mince & tatties or 'summit' will be needed just shortly (HA HA)

All The Very Best
Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Marty,

Just been catching up on your blog, looks like I nearly missed the party !

What an adventure !

All the very best and good luck in your push to the top !

J McC.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy !

Donna x