Monday, March 31, 2008

Everest 2008 - Permit!!

I stated in my last dispatch that I wouldn't be blogging again until Basecamp, but I thought this news was worthy of putting up with the frustration of extremely slow connection speeds and increasing on-line costs.

News reached us yesterday evening that Jagged Globe Everest Team i.e. my team were granted the first permit from the Tourism Ministry. Huge thanks are due to Adele, Kit and Sangey, who have been working hard on the permit back in Kathmandu. Although I have not seen the conditions of the permit, I am assured it offers a workable solution to allow a summit attempt. Adele now leaves Kathmandu this morning to catch us up on the trek into basecamp.

Everthing else is cool here and we continue our trek without the doubts of the last couple of weeks.


scott i dog said...

Haaw McGarvey,
Can ye no get a tram tae the top? Och, a canna wait tae see yer photees, dinnae say it wuz cloody!!
Ah hung oot a Scots version of a prayer flag fur yae. In truth it wuz ma auld boxers on the clothes line...but the thwt wuz there. Good luck, think warm thoughts, don't lose too much weight...ok, I'll buy you a fish supper when you get back.
Scott i

Anonymous said...

Fab news! :)


Charlie said...

Hi Martin,
Great news about the permit.
I can't believe that I know someone who is going up Everest! Not only that but you are going up that iconic route that I was brought up on. The landing looked fun! All the best and go go go!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,
Great news!
Gym quiet without you.
All your hard work will be needed now.
Look forward to more news.
Take care
Lynne & Alan x

Craig said...

Hey Martin, brillant news about the permit coming through,makes all the hard hours training pale into insignificance (or does it!!).Anyway on the news just now they are saying some 'Old Bloke' called 'Fiennes' is climbing the mountain in April for Marie Cure Cancer Care. I dont know if you know him (haha) but he will not be able to lace your boots!!!.I mean if they are letting pensioners climb it surely it cannot really be that hard !!!!!!!.Hope you have a brill climb and the memories stay with you forever, cheers and cant wait for the stories (yawn!!!)when you get back, Craig

Chris said...

Good News McFly

I shall overcome my green streak to keep tabs on your progress.

Fortune favours the brave.

Anonymous said...

You'll be gutted to learn that you missed a thrilling 3-3 draw at the football and both Ben and Richard performed better in goal than you normally do, so we don't know if we can fit you in on your return!
On a more serious note, delighted you finally got the permit - if hard work and determination count for anything then you're entitled to all the luck you may need to be successful

Anonymous said...


As you know I have several degrees and one of them (Ph.D) is in Opthalmics. Having studied your statuesque poses (all of which are the same or should I say identical) and the shadows cast by the sun on the adjacent structures (man made and natural)and on your scrawny physique, I believe the pictures are fake! Martin, if Neil Armstrong and the might of the American nation couldn't get away with it, what chance has a RPA. Are you sure you're in Everest and not Erskine? I'm a little disappointed, although I can say knowing you so well over the years it's not entirely unexpected. You still owe me a pint from McCabes (1997). No doubt the sponsorship money will come in useful in supporting your burgeoning property empire. Although knowing your spiritual background (you can't get a black belt in kick boxing without one - out of an optik of course)and your support for the Dalai Lama (Yangsang Rampa incarnation - 3rd eye) you took the only option your conscience would allow.

Failing all of the above have you got a 'free Tibet' flag for when you summit? If not I'll post one post-haste and hide it within the flag of the Union. As per one of your most famous athletes, Chris Hoy (he was in fact born in England - Mother caught in a snow drift, but that didn't stop her) I trust you will also wave the flag of the Union.

Has Russell engaged someone from RADA to train you all for your cameo performances? Make sure you up your performance fee.

Look after yourself as well as your sherpas.

I'll keep in contact, but it it may be better just to use the pictures from a KE or Exodus brochure. It will save potential embrassment.