Friday, March 21, 2008

Everest 2008- Expedition Begins...Hopefully!!

The news from our man in Kathmandu, is that a lengthy 5 hour meeting was held at the Tourism Ministry on Thursday morning. The meeting was drawn to a close without any decisions regarding the nature of the permit restrictions being known.

So our teams decision is thus..we will head to Kathmandu, as scheduled tomorrow, and see what the permit states when we arrive on Sunday. If the nature of the permit contains restrictions that effectively make the summit unattainable, for instance by not allowing any access to the mountain before 10th May, then we will abort our Everest Expedition. We hope that the ever-increasing number of climbers in Kathmandu angry at the possibility of having their dreams thwarted by the Tourism Ministry's indecision might tip their hand. So, we should go and hope that the Tourism Secretary is good for his word and the permits to be issued are good for the summit.

Thanks for all the many good luck messages I've received and all those who came out for a drink last night. A good night was certainly had and I am just about recovered from the effects of a very late night.

Next dispatch will be from Kathmandu.


Linda & Craig McFarlane said...

Hope all goes well and the permits are issued. Keep us up to date. Hope to summit Goat fell this week (I can hear you laughing all the way from Kathmandu), plenty of snow so looks good. No comparison to big Eve though.
I've dropped enough subtle hints to Linda (like am gonnae dae that one day), the usual frosty reply is "the closest you'll get to Everest is if you buy there double glazing".

Take it easy & enjoy it.

Craig & Linda

Anonymous said...

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