Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everest 2008- Dingboche (4300m)

We are here in Dingboche for the next 2 days. We had a good walk up the trail today and popped into the 600 year old monastery in Pangboche where the resident Lama gave us all a blessing for our expedition. I think this will be last update I will be able to do before basecamp which we hope to arrive in 7 days time.


Anonymous said...

Well a brief update from West Kilbride, Weather Wet,Wetter and windy with a brief burst of sunshine today, the forecast is crappy but hey ho that's Scotland for you. There is still snow on the top of Arran, not as amazing as Everest but still nice to look at. The clocks went forward here this weekend so nice long light evenings to look forward to in the next few months. Me and Ian are off to Portugal next Friday (can't wait) for a week, so incase I don't catch up before you reach base camp. Hope things continue to go well for all you guys out there. keeping my fingers crossed for you all; take care Donna : ) x

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,
My operation was a success, so here's hoping yours is too!
Take care,
Bill Kean

dave casey said...

hey buddy,
well you are no doubt aware that the Gers won on Saturday. Celtic were pretty dire!! On a positive note, we won 3-0 on Sunday with Casey having a stellar performance. i sent the reports to your e-mail address so you can read about all the games at the summitt!! There should be a phone jack up there!
The folks left today for Elaine's and were very impressed with your blog - no doubt they will be spying on you from Brisbane.
I am thoroughly enjoying your posts - almost feel like we are climbing with you. Hope you get to base camp without any dramas and can't wait to hear when you arrive. i was extremely disappointed that you are not replying to all posts - pull your finger out mate!!

take care buddy.


Anonymous said...

What great news about the permit! It is great to read your diary every day - it now takes precedence over the morning paper so I will miss your updates in the next few days/weeks as you concentrate on the climb.Still haven't been able to access the pics of Lukla flight but Jane & John have so will see them there.Good luck with next part of expedition. Mum x